How to get a Database Connection in a Plugin


I’am a student in Information Technology and I am actually trying to devellop a Plugin that can generate some SQL query based on

Tagged value added to a table in an Entity Relationship Diagram.

I can obtain my tags, I know how to generate my SQL queries but what I don’t know is how to get a Database connection or retrieve

the Database connection settings from Visual Paradigm.

What I’am actually doing is getting a connection with DriverManager and writting the connections informations in the code itself. The

problem is that I don’t want everybody that use my plugin to use my connection information…

So if someone know the code to obtain a connection to a Database with Visual Paradigm classes or at least the Database connection

settings set in Visual Paradigm interface, I would be very happy :mrgreen: l.

(The Database is Oracle and driver I’am using are ojdbc14)

Thank you