How to get the "package" keyword to be inserted in generated code

I’m still new to the code generation concepts. Is there a way to get the package keyword (i.e.: package com.av…; ) to be generated into the code?



Do you put the class inside a package?
For example: [com] ±- [av] ±- (Movie)
[] means a package
() means a class
±- means containing


Yes - I did. That seems to put the generated code in the correct package - however - it doesn’t seem to generate the “package” keyword at the top of the generated java file.


I have the same problem with .NET namespaces.
If I create a class within the default package and then drag it into a package, when I update the code, the class is still “outside” the namespace.

But I found the problem (well, I think I did). If you have your class code window open, close it, then do an ‘Force Update All to Code’. That way my class code updated correctly (added the ‘namespace Package’ statement).

Have in mind I’m using Visual Studio 2005.