How to insert C/C++ code in a class of a class diagram?

I would to know how i can insert C/C++ code (.c and/or .h file) in a class of a class diagram that is already present in the project.
Could someone help me?
Thank you,

Hi Fmpolito,

Thanks for your post. Could you please give me some examples for this? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hello Lilian,
i would like to know if there is the possibility to insert the body code C/C++ concerning a method belonging to a class block. After this, using instant generator feature, to generate code file with attribute and method of that block. So, in this way, to obtain files with not only the variables and the definition of the function, but also the body of the function into the corrispondent function.
Could be done this? if yes, how can i do?
Best regards,
Maggioni Fabio.

Hi Maggioni Fabio,

Thanks for replying. I’m sorry that currently we do not support this, but we’ll study the feasibility to support this. If there is any feedback about this issue from our engineers, I’ll come back to you immediately.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong