How to link a few entity attributes defined in Entity Relationship Diagram to a task in BP architect


first of all: excuse my bad English (i’m a french spoken man).

Our company (a government organization) is presently evaluating integrated modeling tools that can allow us to implement the following :

1- Define our processes and tasks (say business service or web services or orchestrations, etc) ,
2- Define our data (conceptual entities/attributes and the physical layer that means tables/columns)
3- Define the relationships between the tasks and the entities attributes used by these tasks and the CRUD operations executed by the task. In this way, if a new business need requires us to modify a data structure in the data layer or a service in the business layer we can trace easily and respectively all the services concerned by this data layer change or all the data entities/attributes concerned by this business layer change.

Now we are testing Business process visual architect and data architect and we wish to know how can we setup a relationship between for example a task named “Update Person additionnal data” and only the 2 attributes (AdditionalBankNumber, AdditionnalAddress) of the Person entity defined in DB Visual architect (Entity Relationship diagram). Note that we don’t want to link the whole Person entity but only a few attributes of it.

Our questions are :

1- how can we do this using Business process visual architect ?
2- We are interested by Archimate modeling too. Is it possible to have the same feature (relationship between data and service detailed to entity attributes level) in archimate (link to business service for instance) ?

Thank you a lot for your reply.


Maybe you can achieve this with model transitor? 8)