How to model this scenarion?

Hi guys,
I am a bit confused on moding this part. Lets say I have an XML code snippet like this.

<informationType name="bookProfileType" type="bookProfileMsg"/>
<token informationType="uriType" name="centralLibraryRef"/>

<roleType name="LibraryRole">
	<behavior name="serviceRequester"/>
	<behavior name="serviceProvider" interface="libraryServiceProviderWSDL"/>
<roleType name="CentralLibraryRole">
	<behavior name="serviceProvider" interface="centralLibraryServiceProvider"/>
<relationshipType name="Library_CentralLibrary">
	<role type="LibraryRole" behavior="serviceRequester"/>
	<role type="CentralLibraryRole" behavior="serviceProvider"/>
<channelType name="CentralLibraryChannel">
	<role type="CentralLibraryRole"/>
		<token name="centralLibraryRef"/>

Now, I modelled every xml tag as a uml class. like I have package as class which is composed of all the other
subtags like class:informationType, class: roleType which is agian composed of class:behaviour.
Now my problem is in relationshipType class which is composed of role nad it used type as specified in roleType class and behaviour?

any discussion would be heartly welcomed.

Hi enable,

Nested XML structure should be modelled by composition. Attached is an image obtained by running the Instant Reverse of XML (Tools > Instant Reverse > XML). I hope that this can help you.

Best regards,