How to reconcile ERD with the database

What would be the best way to reconcile a ERD design with a database schema?

The database schema was not generated from the ERD, it is managed externally.

Ideally I would like to compare the ERD with the database, figure out the differences (new columns, removed columns or tables, new indexes, or foreign keys) and apply some of those changes to my ERD.

I am looking for a function similar to the compare in the Eclipse IDE.

I have tried to create another project, reverse engineer the database and use the ‘Visual Diff’ function to compare the ERD with the reverse engineered one but it did not help: all the entities were marked as modified and most of them were marked because they had a different create date or a different schema name. I don’t care of those differences I care of the differences in the column definition, etc.

So is there a smarter way to achieve this? I’ll appreciate any input.

VP-UML SE 10.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.5 with Oracle 11g