How to remove/delete all relations (association and generalization)

I can’t figure it out how to delete relations from class.
Here is the code how to retrieve them, but how to DELETE!?


  • retrieve relationship model from a class model

  • there are 2 kinds of relationships: IRelationship and IEndRelationship
    // assume in a code segment
    IClass classModel = …; // retrieved the class model from somewhere
    // retrieve a generalization (IRelationship)
    Iterator genIter = classModel.fromRelationshipIterator();
    while (genIter.hasNext()) {

    IRelationship relationship = (IRelationship);
    // found out the another side’s model of the relationship
    IModelElement otherModel = relationship.getTo();

// retrieve am association (IEndRelationship)
Iterator assoIter = classModel.fromRelationshipEndIterator();
while (assoIter.hasNext()) {

IRelationshipEnd relationshipEnd = (IRelationshipEnd);
IModelElement otherModel = relationshipEnd.getEndRelationship().getToEnd().getModelElement();