How to syncronize diagrams SME for NetBeans Community Edition


I have downloaded and installed SDE for NetBeans Community Edition. Now i’m trying to repeat all steps in this tutorial : . I’m using HSQLDB, and have succesfully connected in section “Configure your database” . But when i’m trying to syncronize ERD to class diagramm in section “Design database” step 8, i don’t see “Synchronize to Class Diagram” in the popup menu. What am i doing wrong? Please, help!

Regards, Alex

Hello Alex,

Synchronization between class diagram and ERD are supported in the Professional Edition or above pf SDE. I’m sorry that it is not supported in the Community Edition. If you are evaluating our products, you can follow the link below on how to switch the software to higher edition and try out the feature. Feel free to contact me for further queries.

Switching edition using product edition manager

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