How to upgrade floating licenses from VP-UML 7.2 to VP-UML 8.0?

Is it possible to import the VP-UML 8.0 licenses into the floating license server in addition to the 7.2 licenses?
We don’t want to force our users to update their VP installations all at once.

Hello Dennis,

Starting in this release, you can upgrade the floating license to 8.0 while user still using 7.2. But to support this you have to upgrade your floating license server to version 5.0. You can download the new floating license server inside your customer service center account (

A quick reference on how to setup the new floating license server can be found at

Note that our project file is not backward compatible, which means projects created/saved by new version will not be able to opened by old version software. So it is recommend your entire team upgrade at the same time. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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Do I understand the above correctly?
I can add the licenses for 8.0 on the license server of 7.2.
Later I can install the 8.0 license server together with the 8.0 licenses.
After which I can remove the license server of 7.2.
Please correct me when I am wrong.

Kind regards,

Marcel van den Brink

Hello Marcel,

You can put version 8.0 license on the old license server (version 4.2), and work with version 8.0 software. And you can remove the version 4.2 license server after you setup the version 5.0 (latest) license server. Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

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How about version 8.3 (this is the oldest available version to download from your site and my floating license is for version 7.2 which installation file I don’t have)?

Please send your license key file to including the URL of this forum post, and our support team will send you the software. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong