How to work with multiple DB vendors in one ERD

Under the database configuration documents, it mentions that you can select multiple database vendors as long as on is selected as the default. (

Once this is done, how do you specify which database vendor a table of diagram should use?

I am trying to determine how to handle the following scenario:

I have a product that uses Oracle for its primary database. However, the client applications also use a local SQL Server Express database. Is there a way to correctly document these two schemas within the same VPP? If not, what is the purpose of ever selecting multiple database vendors under database configuration?

I did notice that if I switch the default vendor, then all of the column types automatically convert to an appropriate type for the new default.

Version 13.0, B 20160320eh CE

Hi user,

Thank you for your post. The database vendor to follow is specified by selecting the default database in Database Configuration window. On the left hand side of the Database Configuration window, right click on the vendor (e.g. Oracle) and select ‘Set as default’, the column types will then be updated to apply the types available under the default database (vendor).

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