Howto model included UseCases in activity diagram?


let’s say, I have two UseCases in a UseCase diagram. One UseCase is called “enter order” while the second is called “login”. In UseCase “enter order” there is an extension point for the “login” UseCase. Now I start modeling the activity diagram of “enter order” in the composite view.
And somewhere in the “enter order” model, I have to include the call of the “login” UseCase. Since the “login”-UseCase is no simple activity or action, I don’t know what UML compliant element I should use.

How do you model the call to other UseCases in an activity diagram ? :?:


Hi, i have the same problem, no body answer to me, so, i wait for them.

Sory, i don´t speek english, so, my redaction are poor.


You can define an activity for included use case and then, use call behavior action to call that activity in main use case.
you can use this notation for including use cases.