HTML Report generation bug


I created a HTML report from VP-UML5. This is what I found:

Following the normal steps to create a report, I got the usual report generation dialog. However, it had a new section of selectable items called “Use Case Details”.

It may be coincidental however, my model has two UC Description templates attached, one of which was actually used in the description of one Use Case. The dialog box had exactly 2 items in the dialog box, one of which had been selected already.

I generated a report with the one item selected. When the report page opened, it had 1 link in the index. It pointed to the Use case Description item.

When I clicked on that link, the standard “page cannot be displayed” message appeared.

Thinking I had done something incorrectly, I closed the report page and regenerated the report selecting both Use Case Description items in the dialog. I regenerated the report. This time there were 2 links in the index and both of them, when clicked, resulted in the “Page cannot be displayed” message.

I triad attaching files to show you the problem, but in both instances, the post failed.


Lilia Lee

Dear Lilia,

Thanks for your reporting. This problem has been fixed in the RC5 and will be released very soon.

Best regards,