I have no idea what BPVA updates are provided... and wrong build #'s

Hi all

I’ve just let BPVA check for updates and it found some… so I let it install the updates and all seems to be okay. However, and this has been the case for some time now, the update program provides a link to the Changelog so users can tell what the updates actually are adding / fixing within BPVA.

Except the link is old. Actually, the changelog itself is old, with the most recent entry (which is what is linked to) dating back to 18 August 2007. Since I was at build 20071018 before the update I was expecting there to be a changelog for that date or later. No such luck. Based on some other forum messages I’m guessing that this update is build 20071101… but after I applied the update that the updated program detected my build number changed to… 20071018!

So, I have no idea of the updater actually updated anything… and if there was an update of some sort I have no documentation to refer to via a changelog or other mechanism.

I’ve noticed that there are no entries in the Changelog forum listing products other than “Visual Paradigm Suite”: for those of us who buy the individual products we have to wade through the (old!) suite change documentation to see what (if anything) applies to us.

Please help me out here… I’m trying to evaluate new versions and advise other corporate users accordingly (should they update, or wait?) but with no information to base decisions on I’m tending to tell people not to upgrade (which defeats the purpose of us paying for support). For example, I have a user with build 20071018 who has been having the pool resize bug that someone else has reported - has it been fixed in this new build (the one that doesn’t seem to change the build #)? What do I tell my users?

Can we please get real changelogs per build, or README files, or product history documentation, or something that is current and pertinent to the individual products?


Hi Cameron,

Sorry for the confusion. sp1_20071018 is really the latest public build. Build 20071101, and its a, b, c… releases, are patches only. However, it is true that the changelog is not up-to-date. We will provide changelog for the next release.

Best regards,