ID annotation madness

im evaluating product and try to generate entity clases from class diagram. To all classes i added orm stereotype, it generates me erd, database and code, BUT to all id’s it adds folowing annotations:

@Column(name=“ID”, nullable=false)
@org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator(name=“VC0A8014512C51655DAB05611”, strategy=“native”)
private int ID;

This forces me to use somekind of sequence table and other advanced stuff which doesn’t work, because it does’t generate required sequence table and insert seeds. I want to use simpliest id generation option:

But i strugle to do so for days. I tryed to change in vpuml options to assigned, native, also tryed change attributes properties ir ER diagram - nothing changes, i still get same result. Can i choose or not?

Please HELP me.

I would very much like to see how you use ORM with Cassandra. We have started to use CQL in our aaicplption, with Spring JDBC for backing. I would like to see other approaches.CheersMarius