ID Generator?

I am using WinXPproSP2, eclipse3.1.2, MySQL5.0, DBVA-ECjava 3.1sp2_20060422

I try to design a table with a AUTONUM-field as ID.
But, if I generate the ERD from my class diagram, the ID-field is defined as decimal(19,0) and “native” as ID Generator.
Inserting a record, I get the message, that the ID has to be filled manually.

Changing the ID Generator to “increment”, I get compile-errors for my ID-fields:
“The method getID() from the type Tuser is not visible”

How can I define autonum-ID-fields?

Thanks in advance

p.s. is there any further documentation about the values given at ID Generator? The programmers guide is quite poor concerning this informations.

Dear Georg,

Please change the data type to ‘int’ and synchronize to the ERD. Please also make sure that the ID Generator is set as ‘native’. To get the ID, you can call the getORMID() method.

If this does not help, could you please send me your project to have a look? If you mind posting here, you can send to my personal email address:

Best Regards,