Implement an non-ORM abstract class


In my application, I have a lot of simple classes that contain the same fields:

  • ID: int.
  • Value: String.

I would like them to implement an non-ORM abstract class that could define “generic” methods for all of these classes.

When I try to do this and I want to generate the associated code, the progress bar immediately goes to 100% and the log produces an exception.

The exception is:

	at v.oxz.i(:128)
	at v.oxz.i(:104)
	at v.idoc.i(:54)
	at v.dzt.i(:125)
	at v.dzt.i(:94)
	at v.inl.f(:28)

Best regards,



Dear Antoine,

Thank you for your email. Currently we do not support extending the ORM Persistable class from the abstract class. The 100% CPU usage problem has been fixed in the latest version (3.0 version). If you simple classes are already defined, you can reverse it into the UML model as ORM Persistable class. Therefore you don’t need to specify them as persistence class one by one. (This feature only supported by the latest version)

I’ve forward your case to our engineers to investigate the feasibility to supporting your action. Once there are any feedbacks, I’ll come back to you immediately. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,