Import does not draw the Generalization on a UseCase diagram

I have a XMI file which has actors and generalization between them. When i imported it to VP-UML it brought all the actors and in the Specification, it has the generalization details under Relations, but on the diagram it does not show any generalization.

Hello askmahesh,

Can you send me your XMI file to have a look?

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Rain Wong

Attached is the XMI export file used for import

Sorry for our late response. About missing of generalization in diagram, it is caused by your XMI didn’t contain such diagram information. Would you mind tell me how you generate the XMI file?

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Rain Wong

In the XMI file there is information about Generalizations.


<UML:Generalization = ‘G.2’
name = ‘’ visibility = ‘public’ isSpecification = 'false’
discriminator = ‘’>
<Foundation.Core.GeneralizableElement xmi.idref = ‘S.6’/>
<Foundation.Core.GeneralizableElement xmi.idref = ‘S.7’/>

  [b]<UML:Actor = 'S.7[/b]'
        name = 'InternalUser' visibility = 'package' isSpecification = 'false'
        isAbstract = 'false'>

I did an export from Borland Together , since the diagram was in together which we want to transform into VP-UML format.

Yes, the XMI contain the generalization model, but not contain any information about its presentation. That’s why they are not rendered in the diagram. You can see these relationships being imported in Model Explorer (right click and select Show Relationship).

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