Import ERwin file via SML

I’m trying to load a large ERwin vers 7 model, via the ERwin save as XML and the VP Import ERwin project. I’ve followed the steps in your vpsuite2.3sp1/import_erwin_proejct.html file, and after I’ve selected the Import path in the “AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler Project Importer” window, and pressed OK, there is a quick flash of some window that I don’t have time to read and then nothing else happens. I do see a Class Model in the model tree, but there is nothing in it. I’ve confirmed that the body of the XML file is populated with the ERwin output. I’ve done the process a couple of times. I’ve restarted my computer.

THANKS for your help! I did successfully import an ERwin file a couple of months ago, so I know the process does work.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your post. Could you post the ERWin file for us to reproduce the problem?

Best regards,