Import from VP 14.2 to Online Version?


today we are using VIsual-Paradigm 14.2 with a local repository and I 'd like to check if I can import the models from it into the Online version (i’m testing with the free online version). Is there any way to do this?


As far as I know VP Desktop is aimed for modeling (which means that every shapes and connectors has its corresponding models, whereas, the Visual Paradigm Online Version is only design for casual diagram) At the moment, the Visual Paradigm Online is typically used for throw away design or diagram, it does contain model for recording the details for each shapes or links, as such, the Desktop and Online only has very limited importing capability between the two.

I am also particularly interested to see the compatibility of each side, and also made the inquiry of the VP development team. I got the response from their development team that this work is underway and hopefully it will be available in the next few releases.

Hope the answer is helpful for you