Import project to Subversion

I’m trying out the BPVA AE (Evaluation copy) and have trouble when trying to import a vpp project to subversion repository. Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but cannot find any troubleshooting when following the instructions on VP homesite.

a) Subversion repository established and I manage to log on through Teamwork client.
b) Pressing “Import” from client and selecting a vpp project from filemanager.
c) Then pressing OK, and get a new “Login to the Teamwork Server” announcement. (Should it be like that?)
d) Login again and nothing happens. (Back to “Teamwork client” with no project uploaded!!!)

Am I missing something here? (Restrictions in Eval-copy?) Pls help.


Hi Mack,

From what you said it appears to be something went wrong when you import your project into the server. Could you post your log file here for me to investigate the problem in detail? You can locate the log file (vp.log) in the bin folder of the VP installation.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

OK, here is the log file.

HI Mack,

It looks like the project is failed to be imported to the server. Are you able to repeat the problem? If yes, can we hold an online meeting with you to see the problem in action?

Best regards,

Will be in a meeting rest of the day from 1300hrs CET. Can I pm/contact you tomorrow between 1400hrs and 1500hrs norwegian time GMT+1?

Hi Mack,

Thank you. Let me check with our engineers first. If we need a meeting, would it be possible to meet in the morning, next Monday (Norwegians time)?

Best regards,

Closing this thread. I was just about to record this issue into flash for you and it suddenly worked?!. Must have been something with the read/write access on the repository properties that have been solved.

Thanks anyway for you attention to this issue. Appreciate it!

(If it should happen again I will send you a flash so you can see what happens…)