Import VP project to another VP project

I want to import a VP-UML project (detailed UseCase diagram) into another VP-UML project (UseCase diagram). But after importing, some Use Cases have the “2” added to the original name. Since I want to work with the detailed UseCase Diagram and only display it in the second project, I really need the same names and attributes and so on…I cannot find out what setting I have to change in order to get just the name and not a new UseCase name with the “2” behind it. Curiously, it only happened to some of the UseCases in the same diagram…
I am a beginner in modelling with VP and can’t find the solution in the Guide.
Who can help?
I have the Modeler Edition.

By default we will merge the model from different projects during import, if they are come from the same source. i.e., if the use case you editing in different project files are come from the same base project, then they will carry the same underlying model ID, thus we will able merge it for you. But if you create model with same name under the same container in different projects, for some model which don’t allow having duplicated name (i.e. use case, class), we will append “2” at the tail of the name automatically during import.

So for your case, you should create the use case model from a single project, then distribute it to different user for modification and import them back. Hope this helps.

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