Import VPUML to SDE

Right these two are really similar but is their an easy way to import from my VPUML Model into SDE for Visual Studio?

I cant seem to find a stright import function that will do it, and i cant get the XMI stuff to work maybe i dont know what im doing?

Dear JM,

Thank you for your message. Could you mind tell me which type of import that you are talking about? Importing VP-UML project as a SDE which didn’t have any UML project created before or import the VP-UML project into an existing SDE project?

For import the VP-UML project into the SDE which didn’t have UML project created, you can right click on the project and select SDE-VS Project > Import SDE-VS Project.

For importing VP-UML project into your existing UML project, you can try the File > Import > UML Model.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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