Install Community Ed. on OS 10.2.8


I am using Mac OS 10.2.8. I have just downloaded and installed the Visual Paradigm 3.0. Please appreciate assistance on the following issues:

(1) In the second step of the installing process (“Choose Install Folder”), I clicked on the Choose button to specific the destination folder, but it never gave me any response. At the end, I installed in the default folder, i.e., my home directory. How can I specific the destination folder?

(2) How can I run Visual Paradigrm? I can’t see any applicatin alias. I clicked on “VP-UML CL Jaguar”, but nothing popped up.

Thanks a whole lot.

The first problem is caused by InstallAnywhere, we cannot fix it.

I suggest you install VP-UML in the default directory. After the installation, move the VP-UML directory to your destination.

Normally, double-clicking the “VP-UML CE Jaguar” should start VP-UML. However if this method does not work, run it from the Terminal.

Open a Terminal, change to the VP-UML installation driectory. Type the following command:
“java -Xmx512 -classpath ./vpuml.jar;./vpumlresources.jar;./vpupdate.jar;./vp_help;./vpJavaHelp.jar RV”

Hope this can help you.