Install in existing Intelij IDEA - Invalid Path(?) - not invalid!

When trying to install SDE for IntelliJ (Community) and DBVA for IntelliJ (Viewer) I get the “Invalid Path” error message…

I have tried /opt/intellij (symbolic link) and /usr/local/idea-6180/ (actual installation) but neither work!! What is a valid path?

Platform: Linux Fedora 5.

Hello nadia,

Did you try to install both of them? Notice that you can install either SDE or DBVA, but not both. If that’s the case, I would suggest you try with SDE first, and then DBVA-IJ. This is because DBVA-IJ is free of charge and can be used any time you like, while SDE limits you to use only within the evaluation period.

Best regards,

thanks, yes, just realised that - would have been more helpful if the error message said that :slight_smile: