Installation for NetBeans 3.6 under linux

I am evaluating VP under NetBeans, and i like it a lot.
We’r making a proposal for a client, and we like to buy your product if we win the contract.
Unfortunately we have some problems installing VP under Linux.

First we installed NetBeans as root user, that is no problem.
the we installed VP for NB, that’s OK too.
The problem we ran into was we couldn’t generate java code.
The log is in attachment.

I suppose that the reason is that VP tries to make files in an unwritable directory, the root directory.

I tried a couple of combinations, but the only thing that worked was the following:
an installation as user (in my home directory) of NetBeans 3.5.1 and VP.

Actually, we’d rather use NetBeans 3.6, installed as root.

Does anybody know how to solve this?