Installing SDE Professional for IntelliJ on Linux


I am interested in buying SDE Professional for my company, but as long as I cannot evaluate I cannot do so.

No matter what file I download for installing the behaviour is always the same: I install the plugin and everything seems to be alright. When I start idea for the first time it says I need to restart IntelliJ to install the plugin. It seems alright up to this point. But when I want to start idea again, nothing happens!

The program terminates immediately, no error message no log file. It is hard for me to “debug” that.

Any suggestions on this topic?



Thank you for your reporting. Currently the SDE for Intellij in Linux has a classpath configuration problem. But this problem is fixed and a new release will be coming soon.
Now to running in Linux, you must modify a file IDEA_HOME/bin/idea.lax.
Change the line below:



the Java classpath necessary to run this application

Can be separated by colons (Mac OS/Unix) or semicolons (Windows)


Note: $IDEA_HOME is the name of your Intellij home directory.

Hope this can help you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello there,

I almost get the very same thing with the build 20040224 for IntelliJ
IDEA. However, it does automatically append the vpsdeij.jar to the
lax.class.path, but when starting idea, nothing at all happens, no
log nothing …