Integration with NetBean 3.5.1

HI there, if anyone try to use the SDE for NetBean before?

I have install but couldn’t load the SDE after i start the NetBean. According to documentation, i should start the SDE in my NetBean’s Tools-START-VP-UML. BUt i couldn’t see anything there.

When i start my NetBean, i have an error. I attach the file see anyone here can help me or not.

Thank You.

Thank your for reporting the problem. The reason of your problem is the

The last release SDE intelliJ version in MAC got a start up classpath problem.
To start up the SDE, please modify a file IDEA_HOME/Contents/Info.plist

Under this line:

Add the $APP_PACKAGE/plugins/sdeIJ/lib/vpsdeij.jar to become:

$APP_PACKAGE/lib/idea.jar:$APP_PACKAGE/plugins/sdeIJ/lib/vpsdeij.jar :/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Home/lib/ext/jpda.jar:$APP_PACKAGE/lib/jdom.jar:$APP_PACKAGE/lib/log4j.jar

Sorry for the inconvenience, if have any problem please do not feel hesitate to contact me.