I have a problem with navigation through an interaction use in a sequence diagram. The IInteractionOccurrence interface has a method getRefersTo(), returning an IFrame. How is this IFrame related to the referenced diagram? It owns methods returning contained combined fragments, but how can I get messages contained in the diagram that are not enclosed by a combined fragment?


Actually the IFrame is the base frame in the referenced diagram (every sequence diagram must have the base frame). Currently we have no way to retrieve the diagram from frame, and you have to use a alternative path (i.e. walk through the sequence diagram and compare its base frame with the one you got from getRefersTo()) to locate the diagram. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

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Rain Wong

How can I get the base frame from a sequence diagram? I didn’t find anything on that in the API.
I have another problem with the interaction use: Why do combined fragments own the interaction use? I would have expected them to be owned by interaction operands. When a combined fragment has more than one interaction operand I do not know in which operand it is located. As a workaround I put a combined fragment (of type “seq”) around each of them.

One more problem: I want to iterate over all diagrams. But how do I get every sequence diagram? I tried with ApplicationManager.instance().getProjectManager().getProject().diagramIterator(), but all I got was the class diagram.