Invalid ficense with floating license server

Hi everybody,

i’m a bit screwed up. We have VP SDE 6.0 licenses integrated in an floating license server but i cant get VP SDE to work.
Currently i have VP SDE 6.1 installed (yes its 6.1 and the license is for 6.0, but hey i can’t download any other version). When ever i get to the license dialog i enter my license server. The server is found and recognized. But whenever i hit ‘close’ as stated in your floating license turtorial the SDE tell me that there is no valid license. However the license is valid and can be used by collegues.

So is this problem due to version incompatiblity of the license? If yes may you provide me please a link to an SDE 6.0 download?

Kind Regards

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your post. Your case involve license information. May I suggest to continue our discussion on ticket system? Since you post with identity Anonymous, I am unable to locate your contact. If you want to contact us, please submit a ticket at:

Best regards,
Jick Yeung