Is anybody here? First question in new Forum


Does this Report Composer Forum is purposed for discuss questions about Report Writer and other report tools? :?:

If it does, may be in other forums (VP, Agilian) make suggestion to populate this Forum? :smiley:

Ok, I’ll start in this Forum!

I have some BPPool, BPSubProcess, BPTask and BPMessage elements in Business Process Diagram. To make report I process them with IterationBlock like this:

<IterationBlock modelTypes = "BPSubProcess, BPTask" sortPys="name">

But I can’t to sort elements by its name or any other properties. Construction is not working, elements occurs in report in mysterious order.

Why? What I do incorrect? :oops:


Hi v-andreyev,

The creation of this forum was suggested by one of our users. You can ask whatever you want to know about report composer here.

To go back to your question, it looks like the cause of problem is due to a typo - sortBy instead of sortPy

Please correct and try again.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thank you. It works.