Is the "pin" icon backwards?

I’m playing with a new version of the CE. I have some associations in a use case diagram. I see that the pin icon has a long needle. When I try moving that endpoint the endpoint snaps back to its original position.

The documentation says that “pin down” == pinned and “pin up (long needle)” == unpinned. It looks to me like “pin down” == click on this and get pinned, and the obvious for the “pin up” icon.


Hi Jerome,

When the end point is in the pin down (pinned, with short needle) state, it will position at the position you move it to. Consider the following scenario:

  1. Create an Actor
  2. Connect the Actor with a Use Case
  3. Pin the Actor’s end
  4. Move the endpoint to somewhere in the diagram
    At this point, you can see the end point won’t restore to the original position

Without step 3, the end point will restore to the original position

Best regards,