Is there a way to force dependency download in the VP modeler

Hi guys:

Is there a way to force dependency download in the VP modeller when a project is referenced, I always get the “referenced project is missing” and I hope to have an ant command or something alike at least to force project checkout (without having to do it by hand. I find it dull having to go downloading one by one.

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Could you tell me what is your steps for opening project?

If open project from Open Project dialog and it is not yet checkout.

All referenced projects will be auto check out accordingly.

Weird… we tried with Visual Paradigm in different computers and in all of them we get the following error:Error%20reference

In this specific case I deleted the folder from the teamwork_client location by hand to reproduce the error, but it also happens if the project was not locally available from the beginning… if you want I can make a video with the whole scenario (it will be 60 seconds long or so).

Q1. Could you describe your project structure?
e.g. all projects are teamwork project

If open project via standard open procedure (checkout and open via “Open Project” dialog),
The “Missing Referenced Project” dialog, should not be shown.

Q2. Can you try using blank new workspace and open project via “Open Project” dialog ?
you should not see “Missing Referenced Project” dialog.

If new workspace and standard open project procedure still got “Missing Referenced Project” dialog
Please provide video about your whole scenario for further understand your case.