Java Code Generation Bug

I’ve run in to this lots but trying to figure out how to get around it.

I do an instant reverse to update a class. It flags certain attributes as <>, i believe based on the presence of getters and setters. I’d love to turn that off. But i remove the stereotype and unset the getter and/or setter flag. I believe this should be enough for me to be able to forward generate the code again so try an update to code and get an error:

[19:26:56] [Error] getList: Operation Duplicate method ‘getList()’ with property method in class ‘.ComputedFieldList’ caused by the selection of getter property on ‘list’

It thinks the getter is still set even though i have unchecked it.

Just wondering if this is an issue i can work around or what to do. Also, is there a setting for the <> designation not to be assigned?