Limit access to Floating License Server by using user name/password or ip address

I want for some limited users or clients to be able to connect to floating license server. But, now, anyone who knows a port number and ip address of server can access that. So, illegal user can connect server, we don’t want this situation.

Has the Floating License Server follwing feathers (at least one):

  • ip address limit
  • authentication user id/password or OS account
  • etc methods which can limit users or clinets


Hi user,

I regret that we do not support limiting access currently. I’ll forward your concern to our team.

May I know which OS you are using? You may limit the access to floating license server by configurating your firewall.

(The port for license server is 1998 )

Best Regards,

Thank Jick for your reply.

Ok, I will solve this problem by changing firewall configuration.