"Lock project fail" error

I have a teamwork project in eclipse, I have edited a bunch of SSDs and SDs, now when I want to commit these changes to the server, I get the error “lock project fail”.

  1. What does this error mean? Where does it get stuck?
  2. How can I solve it? If I have to send certain files to my teammates, which ones?

I have tried backing up the project, removing the project from eclipse and checking it out again from the server, and then putting all my diagrams from the backup and then trying to commit it. It says “no changes to commit”. Probably because there is a certain file containing the changes that I didn’t find.

Hello vrwim,

Would you mind send me your log file to have a look? You can export the log file from the About dialog of the VP-UML (both standalone VP-UML or the one integrated with Eclipse). If you don’t want to publish your log file in the forum you can then send it to support-team@visual-paradigm.com. Please make sure you have attached the URL of this post in your message. Thanks.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi to everyone, the same problem for me.
Here is attached the log file. Have you been able to solve the problem?

If you have a subversion client handy, you can change to your VP workspace. In here I found a SVNWorking directory. This was the directory where my project was checked in. “svn status” revealed that the directory was locked (due to a failed checkin). I issued a “svn cleanup .” and the lock was released.