'lp' is the only printer listed

I have the personal version of VP for UML on a Linux workstation. When I try to print, the output does not go to the printer, it is lost. When I try to select a different printer, there is only the one printer listed, ‘lp’. I do not have a local printer. I use a network printer on a different machine. Other applications like Netscape and OpenOffice print fine. I am using cups.

How can I tell VP to send the output to a network printer? Or add more printers to the drop down list?

I was able to correct this be removing the lp printer from my ‘Printer configuration’. What was left was the ‘Browsed queues’, one of which is the lp printer on another computer.

Dear Terry,

Have you tested printing in other Java applications to see if the same problem occurs? I am not sure about the exact cause of this but maybe there are bugs in Java printing on certain platforms. Currently as a workaround, you can export the diagrams to images, or generate HTML/PDF report and print them in the corresponding applications.