MAC OSX: Hibernate wizard not working


I’m having some problems when generating the ORM data layer from class diagram.
In the Hibernate wizard (Tools -> Hibernate -> Wizards…), when i try to configure any option inside “Database setting” VP just puts my cpu usage to 100% and the memory of his process keeps increasing.
I cant upload my vp.log file because i´m a new user.


Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry about the problem and we are currently investigating the issue.

Hey, still no news? I really need visual paradigm to my university course and i am still stuck in this bug.


Sorry that we’re still unable to reproduce the problem.
Could you provide more information for further investigation?

  1. vp.log
  2. stack trace

To collect stack trace, you can run

jdk/bin/jstack ${process id}

Please capture a few times during CPU usage 100%.

To find the process id, you can run



ps aux | grep “Visual Paradigm”

You can send these files to and include the link to this post ( in the Email.