Manage Dependent Projects

Can anyone tell me how I can use relative paths or even a variable (e.g. userpath) to reference dependent projects.

I can use userpath for referencing files in an objects References tab, but I can’t use userpath to reference Dependent Projects.

Issue: We have multiple users, using different workpaths and everyone has to re-reference the dependent projects.


Is there anyway to use Environment Variables???

Hi LB,

Sorry for my late response. In fact, dependent projects are located by relative path. For example:
If userA has the project C:\Projects\Main\P1.vpp
And a linked project at C:\Projects\Ref\P2.vpp

When userB got the P1.vpp and place to D:\Review\Research\200911\P1.vpp
He should put the linked project P2.vpp to D:\Review\Research\Ref\P2.vpp

In this case, userB will not be prompted to locate the referenced project again. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further inquiry.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong