Mapping two classes into one Entity

is it possible in SDE to map two classes which are associated by one-to-one Association into a single Entity and how.
ORM Components are not the solution as we thought.
Friedbert Samland

Class Person
String name;
String surname;
Address address;

Class Address
String street;
int number;
String city;

Entity Person
name varchar
surname varchar
street varchar
number int
city varchar

Hello Friedbert,

May I know why ORM Component not help in your case?

Best regards,

Hello Rain,
sorry for the log time. Was on holidays the last two weeks.
We tryed ORM Components but there was a very curious effect when referencing an other ORM Component. We got verylong column which indicates, that there is recursive resolving within the ORM Components. So we decided not to use them .
Currently we map Classes to Entities manually.

Hello Friedbert,

Sorry for my late response. Our engineers still not very understand about the limitation on ORM component in your case. Would you mind provide more detail example to show us the issue?

Best regards,
Rain Wong