Menu disappeared

Hello Forum,

in VP-UML-PE for viewing diagrams in Full-Screen I disabled all Menu-Icons by right-clicking in the menu-area and deselecting the menu-bars.

But now I can’t find a way to make them reappear…are there any keyboard shortcuts for that purpose ? Checking the docs did’nt help me out…thank you for support!


Hi Fname,

Please restart the tool, it will ask for the workspace if you have not selected the option “Use this as the default and do not ask again”, enter another directory as the workspace and click OK to continue. The tool will start with the menus and toolbars enabled.

By the way, you could change to Full Screen mode by selecting View | Full Screen from menu.

Best Regards,

Hello Jick,

thank you for your help, that did the trick :smiley:



what hapens if you selected “Use this as the default and do not ask again”? :frowning:

Hi user,

In such case you have to remove the preference from the workspace and restart the tool. Here is the preference folder: %WORKSPACE%/.vpprefdata

Note: this will remove ALL preferences (not only the for the menu).

Best Regards,