Method implementation


I have one class created in SDE-Eclipse. I want to write implementations for methods that will be used when code is auto generated. How can I do that? Can I somehow use my eclipse editor while writing this implementations?


Hi user,

Thank you for your post. If you are using Java round-trip engineering, I’m sorry that currently it does not support generate implementation of operation. Please define your implementation in Eclipse code editor, and when you made changes on models and update code to Eclipse again, it will update the code with changes in models only and the implementation will not lose.

More details about Java round-trip engineering can be found from:

By the way, using Instant Generator, you can enter implementation to “Operation Code Details” tab of Operation Specification dialog, which will be generated to code when you run Instant Generator. But different from round-trip engineering, Instant Generator is one-off engineering that it will overwrite all existing code every time you run it (i.e. the implementation in the code may lose).

  • Java round-trip engineering is available in SDE Professional Edition or above, while Instant Generator is supported in Standard Edition or above.

Hope these answer your question. Please let me know if there is any further inquiry.

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Lilian Wong