Methods removed from API


I just upgraded to VP-SUITE-2.2 and trying to recompile my plugins I noticed there are several methods which have been removed from the API, therefore my plugin no longer compiles…

For example the interface com.vp.plugin.diagram.IStateDiagramUIModel doesn’t have the method isSubDiagram anymore; the same for com.vp.plugin.diagram.IStateDiagramUIModel which no longer have any setter. See the attached image…

All these methods are listed in the API documentation and were available in the previous version.

It whould be nice to adopt a “deprecation” strategy in the future if you plan to remove something in your API. This will made your product as attractive for developers as it was until now.


Hi Razvan,

Sorry for the problem. We will include the methods again in the coming build. I will post here when it is released.

Best Regards,

Can you estimate when will be the next release?


Hi Razvan,

Please try with this hotfix:

The following article shows you how to apply the hotfix to your VP Suite installation:

If there are still any methods missed, please feel free to let me know.

Best Regards,

Everithing is fine now, thank you