Model referencing other models


I would like to know if the ability to reference one or more model is available ?

I’ve read a few posts dealing with this ability:

but I still can’t see anything about this in VP UML.

Is there any release date planned about this functionality ?

The company where I work have this need because a team is responsible for the modeling of basic layers of different applications, and several teams use this layer to build their business service.
It would be great they don’t have to import basic layers model to use them. Moreover, they shouldn’t be able to modify them, which can’t be garanteed once models are imported.

Have you any solution to give me ?


Hi djim,

I am sorry to say that the feature is still under development. Although we haven’t yet support referencing model elements in a separate project, we support referencing model element within the same project. The following article could be interesting for you:

Model Transitor:

I will keep you informed about the status of the support of referencing model element in a separate project.

Feel free to let me know if there are any other questions.

Best regards,