Model views: Analysis and design snapshots


I’m evaluating a number of UML products, and I’d like to know if VP-UML supports or provide means to achieve something like this:
during modeling I’d like to “take a snapshot” of the model elements and diagrams to show just an “analysis view” of my problem domain and then continue to refine it through design iterations.

In short, I am asking if there are any means to carry on “two models” or “views” of the same problem domain model at different grade of refinement (keeping both synchronized) or if there are any way to filter out an analysis/business view of the model.

I am wading through vp-uml site tour and documentation but I haven’t find nothing related.

Thank You.

Hi mavittorg,

I don’t know if that’s what you mean, but how about this:

When I switch to the model explorer, I can right-click on a model and select “Duplicate”. However, VP-UML then duplicates only the model root item, not the contained items. Duplicating also the latter would effectively make a copy, a snapshot, I guess.

I’d also like to know if making such snapshots is possible. What do the VP guys say? :smiley:

Best regards,