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I am new to the world of UML, I need a new software development tool for my company, we are currently using VB.NET, our biggest problem is that the code generated by one programmer can not be edited by another.

We are normally develop stand-alone type program, client-server type and web-type. I am looking for and development tool that will give me the flexibility of this environment (meaning interoperability should be easy).

we normally use MySQL, SQL or Accesses database only.

Can you assist me in selecting the right tool offer by your company.

P.S - Sorry if this question is asked in wrong forum, I’m just short of time and need direct assistance.

Managing Director
Promosys Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Dear M.Pathma,

Thank you for your message. According to your description, two of our products can fit your need, they are

SDE Professional Edition for Visual Studio (SDE PE-VS)
DB Visual Architect .NET Edition for Visual Studio (DBVA NE-VS)

Both of the above products can embedded into Visual Studio to provide seamless integration. The different is SDE is the full UML CASE tool + database modeling support, and DBVA is only a database modeler.

Both SDE PE-VS and DBVA NE-VA support generate Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) layer in .NET (C#) out of class diagram, ERD or existing database. As you are using VB.NET, you can build the ORM layer to dll and use it in your VB.NET application. The ORM layer helps you to do all the object persistence work so that you can focus on develop the business logic. The ORM layer can be use in both standalone and web applications. The ORM layer can work on most of the database on the market, including MySQL and SQL Server (not support Access). More details about the ORM layer can be found at

As you mention your biggest problem is the code generated by one programmer cannot be modify by other, may I know how you perform code generation? BTW, do you use any version control systems?

Best regards,
Rain Wong


Thanks for the prompt attention, please find my reply.

may I know how you perform code generation?

Current we are coding in VB.NET (Visual Basic), my programmer write the code them line by line after they design the from. They also structure the database and link the VB coding to the database.

do you use any version control systems?

No, this is another problem I facing, being an startup company we do a lot of modification and most of the time we get lost with the version.

The different is SDE is the full UML CASE tool + database modeling support, and DBVA is only a database modeler.

So that mean it OK if I get the SDE PE-VS?

Do I need to pay runtime license when I use your SDE PE-VS to develop software’s which I will sell.?

You indicated that I need to use the SDE to generate the ORM which I can use in VB.NET application layer. Can you explain how this will help me with my original problem’s?

I visited WCIT2008 exhibition held in KLCC-MALAYSIA last week, I noted this company, which provide code-less application development. Is what your company offering is same with them.

Advance thanks for your assistance.


Dear M.Pathma,

Thanks for replying. It seems the britesoftcrop is not supporting VB .NET (correct me if I’m wrong).

In fact, what we offer is a bit different to britesoftcrop. We are UML CASE tool which allow you to model your system with UML. According to your description, SDE for Visual Studio will be suitable. But please note that currently SDE for Visual Studio only support the Standard Edition or above of Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio 2008 will be support very soon.

The major benefit that our ORM help is:

  1. Zero SQL
    You don’t need to take care about writing SQL statement for querying objects or saving objects into database, also the application can be deployed to different database without consider the compatibility issue of the SQL syntax.

  2. Save time in development
    You don’t need to develop the boring object persistent layer manually. All the performance issue like connection pool, caching, lazy association initialization are supported.

  3. Easy to maintain
    Changes in requirement can be easily done by modifying the model and re-generate the ORM layer.

  4. Develop database application in pure object-oriented approach
    This is the beauties part of ORM. You can forget about the relational data space and develop your application in pure object-oriented approach.

The ORM layer is based on open framework and there is no runtime license required when you deploy your application to your customer. But of course, you need the license of our product for doing development.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Rain Wong


Thanks, I am a bit clear now, what I will do now is that I will download your trail version’s and see if we can understand how to use your tools.

Since Promosys is in Microsoft Partner Program, we get all the latest tools from Microsoft, as such our VB.NET is Visual Studio 2008 (ver.9) and frameworks 3.0

I buzz you when/if I have any question.


Dear M.Pathma,

Thanks for replying. Since currently our SDE-VS not yet support VS 2008, I suggest you can try out the VP-UML Enterprise Edition. VP-UML is a standalone CASE tool which also support generate ORM in .NET. You can simply configure the output path in VP-UML pointing to the source folder of your VS project to try out the ORM.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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