Moving Resource-Centric Icons

I noticed occasionally that the resource-centric icons lose their dragging functionality. The result is that when I drag the icon, the icon itself is moved and no associations are created. However, clicking on the icon produces the expected result of the popup appearing.

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this glitch in a reliable manner but I just wanted to give a heads up. The current workaround for me is that if I encounter this behaviour, I can just save the project and functionality seems to be restored. Maybe I should just save more often.

Next time, I’ll try to remember to get a screenshot so this is more clear.

Dear David,

Thank you for your message. Do you mean saving the project can resolve the resource-centric issue you experienced?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Yes, that is what I meant.

Dear David,

This is very strange. Do you have project plus specific steps to generate this problem?

Best regards,

Unfortunately, like I said, I am unable to reproduce this behaviour reliably. If I figure out how to reproduce this issue, I will let you know.