Multiple Project Support

Is there support for sharing classes in diagrams across multiple projects yet?

I have hald off my purchase for 2 years now until this featrue is added.

We are sorry that sharing models across projects currently is not available. There is a temporary workaround for this: You can export the diagram containing the models that you want to bring to other project as a separate UML project file and import by another VS project. Hope this can help.

What are the plans to provide multiple project support? Any?

We are planned to support multiple project on SDE-VS at version 3.2 or 4.0.

In my opinion this is an significant and highly desirable feature if it is done well. You simply cannot do much enterprise-level modeling without it. In a significant sized project, there will be common model elements across multiple projects. Keeping them all in sync by export/import is error prone at best.

You’ve probably already considered this at length, but you might consider taking a compound document or meta file approach to this, somewhat like Rational Rose does. They have rose files, which can have model elements in them directly, or the model file can have links to other “petal” files that act like a live link.

The thing I don’t like about how rose does this, is that it is not always clear from looking at the Rose project explorer where the model element is being stored, and their method of handling different base/parent directory references (either for multiple users on different machines which share the project(s), or for a single user working on different versions of a project on the same machine) is a confusing, manual process.

I hope this will move to the top of the list. I’d be glad to talk more with someone developing a use case for this. I have several scenarios in mind for how I’d like to use a feature like this, and as I said above, how I’ve had troulble with rational rose doing this in the past.


Dear Mark,

Thank you for your message. Actually the multiple project support is already in the top priority on our list. If you have any suggestions on this topic we can discuss in more detail. We can keep on the discussion in this forum or you can contact me at Thanks for your suggestions.

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I can’t wait to have something like that.

It would be nice to be able to view muliple VP files from within a model, so you can sellect what diagram and attributes you want to import.

Similair to the diagram navigator and model, expanding those functions to be able to read from selected files (or all files within a directory (repository)) might satisfy the repository function as well.

Just a thought.


Hi Rain (or anyone else at VP support),

Do you have an idea when (approx.) the new release is going to include the multiple projects support? months, year or years?

Thank you