Nasty crash and meaningless messages (again)!


I change my model replacing compositions with aggregations (associations to RequestLocation). It works fine with the first 4 changes. I can generate code.

After I do this for the 5th time (removing RequestLocation09, and changing composition to aggregation), code generation crashes. Traditionally, it gives a message that is completely meaningless to me, but you will immediatelly know what it means. :wink:

What is wrong there?


Enclosed you will find
before ILSA aggregations.vpp
after ILSA aggregations.vpp

Hello Tadeusz,

Thank you for your post. I already forwarded your message on to our engineers for further studies. Could you send me the log file as well? The log file is needed for checking the meaning of the exception. You can export the vp.log file from the About dialog box of SDE.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,