Need to Import/Export from/to RSA or RSM 7

I need be be able to transfer a DB VA model to RSA 7 and vise versa. I’ve tried exporting XMI in all possible formats provided by DB VA 4.2 build 20080125 (XMI 1.0, 1.2, 2.1) and then importing into RSA 7 and was not successful. I also tried importing XMI that was generated from RSA 7 and it ran, but I got nothing in DB VA in the end.

There is a Rose import feature in DB VA, which works fairly well. Is there a plan for DB VA to develop a RSA or RSM import feature (importing an .emx file)? Is it possible to create a RSM/RSA export feature as well?
Our company has many large customers (financial institutions, insurance companies, etc) and they use IBM Rational tools. We need a seamless way to migrate back and forth between DB VA and RSA.