NetBeans 4.1 support

I was looking at downloading the 2.0 community edition for Netbeans. Has anyone tried it with NetBeans 4.1? It says NB 4.0 or above, but that doesn’t always mean it works :slight_smile: .


Dear Jeff,

Thank you for your message. We have tested the SDE-NB 2.0 on NetBeans 4.1. If you have any problems on using our products, please let me know.

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I have a problem with SDE-NB 2.0 (downloaded VP suite) on NetBeans 4.1. When I, after a appearently successful install, start NB4.1 , I get a warning saying "could not install module Visual Paradigm smart development: NetBeans Edition Installation…error in opening zip file. And NetBeans shows no integration with VP.

Any ideas?

Dear Stein,

Thank you for your message. Would you mind tell me more information about your problem, such as what type of project that you are using? And if possible, could you please send me the message.log file to have a look? You can find the message.log file inside %USER_HOME%/.netbeans/4.1/var/log directory. Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to hear your reply.

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